Alex Midnight Walker talks about the North Georgia
Bigfoot Conference at the R Ranch in Dahlonega, Georgia
January 13, 2013

DAHLONEGA, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - January 2013 -- Nestled in the woods of the North Georgia Mountains is R Ranch, which held the first ever Southeastern Bigfoot Conference.

Believe it or not, the event had quite a turn out Jan. 12 and 13.

The two-day event covered an array of topics from interaction and telepathy with Bigfoot and dealing with the fear to tracking the Sasquatch and debunking hoaxes.

And we all know about hoaxes.

The 2008 Georgia hoax was one of the biggest. The story was followed by thousands of newspapers and media outlets across the country.

Georgia residents Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer held a news conference claiming that they had a dead Bigfoot body. They said they had placed the body in a freezer in an undisclosed location.

Later, their evidence was exposed as a rubber ape costume.

Whitton, who was a police officer in Clayton County, was fired after the incident.

Even with the hoax, Georgia residents keep on believing.

In fact, some of the convention-goers were once nonbelievers themselves.

Scott Nelson, a Crypto-Linguistic Analyst, became interested in the convention after analyzing audio of Bigfoot posted on the Internet.

Nelson said without a doubt, these creatures are communicating in another language unknown to man.

The event also featured Jim Vieira, who studies lost civilizations and the esoteric origins that are mentioned about Bigfoot.

Vieira has never had an encounter with a Bigfoot himself, but he said he has seen some large bones that are almost unexplainable.

Vieira told CBS Atlanta News about his research into the mound builders of ancient America, including his compilation of thousands of reports of giant skeletons ranging from 7 to more than 11 feet tall unearthed from burial mounds with unusual features such as double rows of teeth.

The convention also featured some locals who bought tickets after hearing some unexplained noises at night. They drove out to the ranch just to learn more and hear about other sightings.

Whether you believe in the mysterious creature, these Bigfoot enthusiasts invite you to listen to audio recordings to hear it for yourself, or just get outside in the woods and search for tracks.

You might be thinking, "these people are just crazy," but the one thing everyone has told us is that the evidence and data speak for themselves.

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