He Found the 'Survivor 2' Place!
Of Course, He Also Found Bigfoot.

By Lisa de Moraes
Monday, October 23, 2000; Page C07


A self-described Australian "crypto-naturalist and personality extraordinaire" with way too much free time claims he broke into the "secret" setting of CBS's upcoming "Survivor 2."

The "secret" setting is a privately owned cattle ranch that's about a four-hour drive from the northeastern Australian city of Cairns, according to the Web site of Tim "The Yowie Man," who gives no last name.

We assume the cattle have been cleared out of the area while taping of the next "Survivor" is going on so that the area won't look so . . . well, cattle-ranchlike.

While the Associated Press reports that these directions correspond with other reports of the "Survivor 2" location--including aerial photographs of the area that have been published in Australian newspapers, The TV Column is not able to ascertain whether Yowie Man's claims are true or, for that matter, whether Yowie Man is a nut. CBS is of no help. "We will continue to let erroneous information be published about 'Survivor,' not only in the print media, but online as well," CBS spokesman Gil Schwartz told the AP on Friday.

According to Yowie Man's very dubious-looking Web site--it also includes Bigfoot caught on film and Yowie Man road-testing the Southern Hemisphere's only anti-alien abduction helmet--the filming area is surrounded by more than 50 security guards.

YM, who says he is the director of the Australian Centre for Mystery Investigations, told the AP that when he attempted to drive into the alleged cattle ranch, two trucks filled with the guards nearly forced him off the road.

Undaunted, Yowie Man claims he merely drove about 20 miles away, ditched his vehicle and walked along a river to the site while foraging for berries, bush bananas and fish. "I wanted to see if I could survive looking for the 'Survivor' site," YM told the wire service.

The area also is home to crocodiles, leeches and unpleasant mites, he says. As opposed to the pleasant variety. And, of course, the cows.

Yowie Man claims he saw what looked like a set for a tribal council meeting: a large platform jutting out from a cliff near a waterfall. I remember that scene--it's from "Fun in Acapulco" with Elvis Presley.

The Yowie Man said he wasn't spotted by anyone but even so left after just one hour because he was afraid of being "captured." And branded. Yowie!

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