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Jordi Magraner: Slain Spaniard’s family leaves without body

26 May 2004

Peshawar, Pakistan
: The family of a Spanish researcher, murdered two years ago and buried in Chitral, returned home empty-handed this week after failing to convince local elders to let them exhume his body, police said on Tuesday.

Jordi Magraner, who lived for more than 10 years in the Chitral researching a rumoured Yeti-like creature known locally as "Ice Man", was found murdered in his cottage in 2002, his throat slit.

The local Kalash tribe buried the 35-year-old according to their traditional funeral rites. But when Magraner’s siblings travelled to Chitral from Spain earlier this month to retrieve his body, Kalash elders said that exhumation would violate their beliefs.

"The brothers and sisters of Jordi Magraner came from Spain three days ago to take his body for burial in Spain but the elders of Kalash people opposed it," Chitral police chief Muhammad Saeed Khan told AFP.

Kalash elders told Magraner’s family that he had embraced their religion and stated in his will that he should be buried according to Kalash customs in Bombourete valley near Chitral. "Magraner’s family members did not press for the exhumation of his body but asked for his belongings which were handed over to them by the locals."

Police suspect Magraner was murdered by one of his servants, who fled the area and have never been captured. Kalash villagers held a three-day funeral ceremony for Magraner. Police at the time said that they received a fax from his brother asking that funeral rites be performed by Magraner’s local friends, as the researcher had requested in his will. However the brother, who gave his first name as Andres, told AFP in France that the family wanted his remains sent home.

(Note, I'm sure the newspaper meant to say barmanou, or Pakistani wildman instead
of "Ice-man")

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