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China's Monkey Man: - Half Man, Half Mountain Beast
Two articles: Korea Herald and China Sing Tao Newspaper Group
September 14, 1988

HONG KONG (AP) - A "monkey-man" has survived for more that 30 years in southern China, a pro-Beijing newspaper reported here Monday.

The Wen Wei Po quoted the official China News Service here that Lu Yuoguang "looked like a monkey despite not being so hairy." He lives with his parents who are both in their early 70's in a remote farming village in Qiaotian, Guangxi province the paper said.

It said that the 80-cm tall Lu Yuoguang is the fifth child of the Lus. His mother had earlier given birth to a "monkey girl" who died at the age of eight and another "monkey boy who died at the age of 10.

© Korea Herald, 1988
Credit Source Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles

and this article:

Hong Kong, China - A half beast, half Chinese child was born to a 27 year old hill-woman. The woman had been a victim kidnapped from the field by the "wild mountain-man" that lived in the highest reaches of the peak at an undisclosed destination according to China News Services.

The agency is quoted as saying the woman returned to the home of her parents last month in weakened condition of hunger claiming she was set free by the 2.1m tall beast (7 ft) because she couldn't eat the wild man's food.

"Yes, I was treated well, there was plenty of water in the cave and food gathered for eating by the man beast but no appropriate method of cooking in the cave," the woman said. "I was cold night and day, shivering and without hope and very ashamed," she told her parents who kept the 1.3m tall woman's head covered during the inquiry. (4 ft 11 in )

The child of the wild man and the Chinese woman was a male child standard weight, born of natural birth. It had cave man's characteristics such as prolific black hair about the arms, back and body - the face is Chinese and its cries are of any normal child. The woman's parents said the child has the appearance of a tiny monkey.

Stories have circulated in region of the wild man for centuries among locals who do not leave their huts at night, they have heard the forlorn wailing of the wild man echoing throughout the valley.

© Sing Tao Newspaper Group, Hong Kong 1973
Credit Source: John Pao

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