Bigfoot Encounters


SUNDAY TIMES Edition 1 SUN 29 AUG 1999, Page 327

HUNTERS using electric darts are planning to search for Australia's mythical creature, the yowie, after recent sightings in Queensland. American backers are trying to use an expedition to promote their stun gun which uses darts to shock its victims. The mythical ape-like beast is closely related to America's legendary Big Foot and is believed by some to live along the Great Dividing Range.

Gold Coast yowie hunter Dean Harrison said the most recent sighting was in Springbrook where the beast was blamed for some horse deaths. Mr Harrison said he came face to face with a yowie near Beenleigh in 1997. ``It roared like a bear and a lion in one,'' he said. ``It had a vocal capacity no human could match.'' Yowie hunters have set up a Web site and say the number of sightings
is proof it exists.

Mr Harrison wants to organise an expedition to a prime yowie site in the Blue Mountains in September, using night-vision equipment. However, the Americans have been dealt a blow in their efforts to get the dart gun into the country. The Australian Customs Service says the weapon is prohibited. ``No jurisdiction in Australia allows such weapons,'' a customs spokesman said.

American Larry Lund now needs written approval from Justice Minister Senator Amanda Vanstone to bring in his special gun.

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