Lowell Man Flees Hollis After Sighting 'Monster'

The Nashua Telegraph May 10, 1977

Police here are awaiting the return of a Lowell, Massachusetts man, identified only as Mr. St. Louis, after he reported seeing a 10-foot-tall hairy monster Saturday night at the Hollis Flea Market.

Chief Paul Bosquet said the man came into police headquarters at about 10:30 Saturday and reported the strange incident.

St. Louis told the dispatcher that he, his wife and two sons were sleeping in their pickup truck on the flea market grounds, when they were awakened by the shaking of their truck. The man said he looked out and saw what he described as a 10-foot-tall hairy animal with "human-like" features, shaking the truck.

The Lowell man quickly started his truck and sped off to the police station where he reported the incident. Police went to the scene, but could find no evidence of the animal. Bosquet said the area in which the truck was parked was covered with pine needles, and no foot prints could be found. St. Louis was scheduled to set up an area in the flea market Sunday. Bosquet said, but he did not return on that day, and left a trailer at the site. He has not been seen or heard from since.

The Hollis chief said the animal may have been a bear that came out of nearby woods in search of food from a nearby rubbish container.

Note: This is probably the most famous report of a "Bigfoot" in New Hampshire. It, and the report two days earlier on May 5, 1977 in the same area, have been reiterated in several books over the years.

Credit: Craig Heinselman April 2002

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