Ironton, Ohio
From WLWT; Channel 5 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Live broadcast 11:00 PM; December 2, 1972

"Ohio's furry-white monster has turned into a peeping tom. I'm talking about a weird thing up in Ironton. It was first sighted last night when a cab driver said it shook the front end of his taxi, peered at him through its protruding eyes and then moved off dragging a dead animal of some kind in its bloody arms. Then late last night, Mr. And Mrs. Harry DeLouder said they saw the creature looking through their window. Police say they found some "phony white hair" in the area. Police warned today that the monster, or whatever it is, is going to scare somebody who's got a gun and a great Ironton prank is going to end in tragedy. Apparently, what it looks like is that somebody is just dressed up as an ‘Abominable Snowman type and is just trying to fool around and scare people."

Credit source: Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles

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