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Applegate, Oregon - November 22, 1992

(AP) -- A one-of-a-kind Bigfoot trap built in the woods 18 years ago doesn't have bait anymore. The fortified trap was set up in the Rogue River National Forest near reported sightings of the legendary gigantic hairy creature. And it was built to last.

It outlasted its creators at North American Wildlife Research, a group bent on proving that Bigfoot exists.

North American Wildlife Research no longer exists. "People often ask us about the trap, and if we've seen any Bigfoot tracks," said forest ranger Su Rolle.

"There is a tremendous amount of local interest in stories of Bigfoot."  So much interest that the rangers plan to put up an informative sign at the trap site.

The trap is a 10-foot-square, heavy wooden box reinforced with steel bolts and plates, anchored to thick poles.

"First time I was here there was a rabbit skeleton hanging from the ceiling," said Ross Knotts, 80, a retired Methodist minister who leads hikers to the trap.

"The idea was that the creature would pull on the thing, and the metal door would fall down, trapping it."

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