Hairy Giant Roams Woods
Island of Valez Sound terrorized by
a mowgli in real life... 1905


(The area is actually Valdes Island not Valdez)

December 31, 1905 --The residents of Valdez Island, near Comox, British Columbia have been terrorized of late by visits from Vancouver Island’s now famous Mowgli.

A rancher from Valdez Island reported that the wild man of Vancouver Island is at present on Valdez, and by the description of the creature which he solemnly asserts he saw, including the corroboration of half a dozen others, the Mowgli is undoubtedly the same as seen near Horne Lake two months ago. A family named Pitcock, residing on Valdez, last week was frightened one night about 10 o’clock while sitting at supper by seeing a ghastly face looking through the window into the room.

The face was covered with long black coarse hair, only a small portion of the skin being visible. Directly the creature saw he was noticed, he uttered a diabolical scream, which was heard by ranchers nearly a mile away and vanished. A number of young farmers with rifles searched the vicinity next day without success. Large prints of feet upon the soft earth of a flower bed under the window was the only sign of the monster, who, according to those who have seen him, is nearly seven feet tall.

Twice during the next night the family heard a scream similar to that uttered by the wild man. All that day a careful watch was kept, but there were no signs of the Mowgli, although there were a number of footprints corresponding with those seen before, which were found along the creek that passed the Peacock household.

The next night a dozen well-armed men concealed themselves near a stack of hay where the footprints of the Mowgli were traceable. About 10:30 p.m. horrible yells were heard in the direction of the creek and after waiting for an hour some of the posse determined to go in that direction. They had gone up the stream about half a mile when the light of a lantern carried by the Mowgli came into view. Hiding behind a tree the posse had a splendid chance to view this denizen of the woods.

They describe him as very tall and powerfully built and with the exception of a few rags hanging from a belt at his waist he was entirely naked. His body was covered with long black hair and the face was identified was identified as that seen at the Pitcock home the evening previous. The men, after recovering from their fright, broke from cover and one raised his rifle but before he could find range the Mowgli, who had by this time discovered the farmers, threw himself into the icy waters and swam for the other side of the creek.

Nothing more has been seen of him around the Pitcock residence although two half-breeds of Alert Bay claim to have seen the same man a few days after.

Source: Rob Janis

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