Bigfoot Encounters

Remembering Slavomir Rawicz

Rawicz, Slavomir
(September 1, 1915 - April 5, 2004)
Nottingham, UK

**“The Long Walk” Harper Brothers, 1956.

Personal correspondence and the gift of Tschernezky’s creature sketches and other memorabilia with octogenarian Rawicz supports my belief in him and the truth surrounding the two giant eight foot tall hairy creatures he saw somewhere between Sikkim and Bhutan in 1942.

His personal story was as a young Polish cavalry officer, arrested by the Russians, and sentenced to forced labor in Siberia and the recounting of his escape to freedom through China, the Gobi desert, over the Himalayas between Bhutan and Sikkim on into India. True Story.

‘The sketches he sent to me were done by Dr. Wladomir Tschernezky under the scrutiny and at Rawicz’s direction, then both young men. The sketches are remarkable likenesses to the North American sasquatch, which neither man had knowledge of in 1942; truly amazing resemblance, amazing account and a truly amazing gentleman.

My life was richer for having known both Slav and his loving wife Marjorie, both gone now, but not forgotten. ..... Bobbie Short April 2004

**A Review of his book with the pertinent excerpt pertaining to the pictured creatures above can be found here:
Larger images of the sketch -

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