"The Cherie Darvell 'Kidnapped by Bigfoot' 1976 Story"
Alleged to have occurred in Humboldt County, California

The Record-Searchlight Newspaper;
Redding, California February 8, 1978



Eureka, California - A Del Norte County Superior Court judge who obviously doesn't believe Bigfoot exists has ruled that Humboldt County must pay the $11,613 cost of a 1976 search for an alleged Bigfoot "kidnap victim" by the name of Cherie Darvell.

Miss Darvell is the girl friend of Ron Olson, son of Frank Olson of the ANE film distributing company owned by Russell Neihart, Bishop of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, UT. Neihart's best friend, Jerry Romney claimed to be the "man-in-the-suit" in the Roger Patterson film. According to ANE excutive Clyde Reinke, he personally signed the payroll checks for Roger Patterson from July to October 1, 1967.

Judge Frank Peterson commented in making the ruling that the search for Bigfoot is "at least an exercise in futility" and said he'd "hiked the hills and mountains of Northern California for almost 50 years and the biggest footprint I ever saw was my brother Bob's."

Humboldt County officials sued Shasta County for the costs of the May 22 to 24 search for Cherie Darvell, 25, of Redding.

She reportedly had been abducted by a Bigfoot in the Bluff Creek area of Humboldt County. Bigfoot is a legendary hairy, smelly humanoid monster reported seen in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Humboldt County Counsel Raymond Schneider argued before Peterson that state law required Shasta County reimburse to Humboldt County because the case involved search and rescue for a Shasta County resident.

Shasta County Counsel Robert Rehberg countered that Miss Darveil's disappearance was at best a real kidnapping, and even the Humboldt County officers' reports indicated they were skeptical about the abduction reports.

The girl disappeared while she was with a group searching for Bigfoot. She later walked into the nearby Bluff Creek Resort, according to officers' report, "she was remarkably unmussed."

Later her friends, Ed Bush of Adin and Terry Gaston of Redding, released a movie through ANE purporting to show a Bigfoot carrying Miss Darvell up a distant mountain slope. Reinke later claimed that the Bigfoot suit was kept in Russell Neihart's office in Salt Lake City.

Judge Peterson ruled that a county is entitled to reimbursement by another county only for the search and rescue operations for lost persons or persons "in danger of their lives," and not for investigations of crimes.

The judge ruled that the term "in danger of their lives" applies to natural causes, such as floods, heavy snows or other calamities not caused by other human beings.

Rehberg said he was "pleased" with the judge's decision. But he said he sympathizes with the dilemmas faced by Humboldt County officials, ranging from whether to begin the search for Miss Darvell to trying to determine who should pay the costs of the search.

Rehberg said that if Humboldt County authorities had been willing to stipulate that Bigfoot is a Shasta County resident, negotiations over the costs might have been possible.
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