Brits claim to have found 'Yeti (orang pendek)
30 October 2001


There is no yeti in Sumatra. The articles refers to the orang pendek.

Ananova: A group of British explorers claim to have found irrefutable proof of a "Yeti-like" creature on an Indonesian island. The team has discovered a footprint and hair samples of a primate which has long lived in the mythology of tribes people in Western Sumatra.

A cast of the footprint and strands of coarse hair are being sent to research institutes at Oxford University and the University of Canberra in Australia for verification. If the finds are substantiated, they could provide valuable scientific clues to an unidentified creature which could hold the key to the missing link between humans and apes. Andrew Sanderson, Newcastle upon Tyne, Adam Davies from Stockport, and Keith Towley from Macclesfield, spent three weeks in the rainforests tracking a creature called Orang Pendek - meaning 'Little Man of the Forest'. Sightings on the island describe the creature as being 5 feet tall with chocolate-brown, orange hair. It's distinguishing feature is its humanlike gait - walking upright on its back legs without the aid of its front fists.

Crypto-zoologist Mr Sanderson said: "Over the years there have been many sightings of the yeti, but no one has actually come up with any concrete evidence. We seem to be the first people to do that.

"We didn't see the creature ourselves but we tracked it for several weeks and we managed to make a plaster cast of one of its footprints. It is absolutely perfect and experts are already beginning to get excited about it."

A digital re-print of the footprint has been sent to Colin Groves, a professor of primatology at the University of Canberra. The hair samples are being sent to the micro biology unit at Oxford University. The group hope that DNA testing will prove the existence of a previously undiscovered primate.

Despite the potential scepticism for such a find, the team remain confident that their discovery is unique.

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