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Vici, Oklahoma (AP) - What has reddish-brown hair, stands a stocky 4 feet to 5 feet high and smells like a sewer? That's what some folks around here would like to know.

Billy Parry, a 15-year-old high school freshman, says he saw such a creature while scouting for coyote tracks along Trail Creek near his home south of Vici. His family says it prowled on
their property and near their house for more than a month this winter.

Hair samples found by Parry's house were sent to Hayden Hewes, director of Sasquatch Investigations of Mid-America. Was it from a "Big Foot"?

"The hair sample looked very interesting. At this point, we cannot confirm what kind of animal it came from," Hewes said, adding a sample was being forwarded to the Oklahoma State Bureau
of Investigation forensic lab in hopes of analysis. "I feel it's just a matter of time before a Big Foot is captured alive," Hewes said.

Dewey County Sheriff Larry Pike, on the other hand, says he has heard only rumors about the strange animal, but nothing official. Sightings also have been reported in nearby Roger Mills
County. In 1977, search parties were formed after similar sightings of an unidentified creature were reported in eastern Oklahoma near Bristow and Stilwell. Nothing was found.

© The Houston (Texas) Post; Thursday, April 15, 1982

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