Hairy Monkey Child Discovered Living In Kazakhstan



The monkey child has been found by the doctors of Red Cross in Kazakhstan. The name of 6-year-old boy is Albai. He was found in the mountain village Teryamagash, not far from Kazakh-Chinese border. The child's body and head are covered with thick hair. Moreover, the form of the child's head fully corresponds with the form of monkey cranium.

According to the doctors, such a strange appearance of the boy could be explained with mutation caused by radiation the parents of the child were once exposed to; moreover, the 26-year-old mother and 33-year-old father are relatives.

The father of the boy is himself astonished with this phenomenon. His friends even suggested him to give the boy to circus. Though, parents decided to send the child to school. The parents understand that the boy will face many troubles in his life. Even a look at the mirror will most likely make him sad. Though, the parents want to prepare the boy for life. The doctors who observe the child state that it is very sociable and has an excellent health.

.© Gazeta via Pravda, Moscow / Russia - July 24.2002

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