Folklore Description of the Nepalese Yeti

Adventurous people have witnessed the existence of the ‘Yeti’, the giant snowman with a thick hairy body the size of a large gorilla.
The Yeti's hands and feet consists of four fingers each.

About a dozen people have claimed that they saw the Yeti.
Among those who have seen a Yeti include the father of Tenzing Norge Sherpa, the first conqueror to Everest.

Like the father of Tenzing, most of the others who saw the Yeti felt sick and died a few days after they saw it.

The Yeti is said to make random appearances around the Khumbu region (i.e. at foothills of the Everest.)

Still doubted for its existence by those who have not seen it, the Yeti is known to eat Yaks, sheep, etc.
Many people feel, however, the Yeti of the Nepali Himalayas to be a peaceful creature.

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