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Belize "Bigfoot" Expedition Claimed a success

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12/16/2004 -- Houston, TX --- Ken Gerhard, a field investigator for the American Primate Conservation Alliance (APCA) and the Center for Fortean Zoology just returned from a successful research trip to Belize looking for the Sisemite and Dwendi, two cryptid Bigfoot-like primates said to roam the country's dense forests.

"We were really excited to help sponsor Ken's mission with equipment and happy to report that he is back safely and found some strong evidence of cryptid primates in Belize, particularly the Dwendi," said APCA founder Chester Moore.

Gerhard found four nicely formed tracks that fit the profile of the Dwendi, a miniature Bigfoot-type creature similar to the Orang-Pendek of the Pacific.

"I've been talking about an expedition to Belize for awhile and after Ken went down and found this evidence I will certainly be venturing to Belize in 2005 to continue the work," Moore said.

"Ken is an excellent field investigator and we're glad to have him as part of the APCA and glad we could have some involvement with the mission. The next step is going back down with more equipment and now thanks to Ken with an idea where some of these animals are and do a major follow-up," Moore said.

To view photos from the expedition, go to
American Primate Conservation Alliance/Project Zoo Quest

contact person: Chester Moore

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