Invisible Sasquatch
by Davy Russell, Editor
29 February 2000

There are those who claim to have encountered the sasquatch, but have never seen it. They hear it breathing behind them, and turn to find nothing. They hear it following or walking beside them, but nothing is there. For centuries, Native Americans attributed supernatural abilities to the sasquatch including telepathy and the power to become invisible. It appears that Native Americans were not the only ones to find themselves in the presence of an invisible sasquatch. Reports of the unseen hominid continue today.

In his book, Unexplained!, Jerome Clark relates a strange incident that occured on the evening of November 3, 1977, a rare encounter with what some claim to be a possible invisible bigfoot was reported on a reservation in North Dakota. A bigfoot-type creature was spotted throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Locals, along with the police, staked out the area to search for the mysterious creature. A rancher named Lyle Maxon reported a strange encounter, claiming he was walking in the dark when he plainly heard something nearby breathing heavily, as if from running. He shined his flashlight on the source of the sound only to see nothing there. Startled by the incident, he pondered the idea that sasquatch might be able to become invisible when frightened or pursued.

It is a startling scenario to image walking in the woods and being surrounded by curious 6-8 foot tall, 500 pound bigfoot creatures and not being able to see them or even know they are there. Perhaps it is the sasquatch’s gift of invisibility that has prevented its confirmed discovery for so long.

Obviously, the invisible sasquatch theory lends no further scientific credibility to the existence of the hidden man-ape. When attributing supernatural abilities to bigfoot, it becomes a paranormal entity and not a biological one. As a paranormal creature, bigfoot is easily caught up in trans-dimensional portal theories and ties with UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation.

Skeptics suspect that it is only superstition and fear of being in the woods alone that causes the idea that an invisible sasquatch is nearby, making the strange noises one hears and breaking twigs behind them.

© Davy Russell

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