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Local man says 'I saw it'
The Missouri Momo

By Nathan Odgaard

Bigfoot lives -

July 31, 1999 -- Clifford LaBrecque swears by it. He's seen one. Actually he saw three at one time. The Independence man's tale dates back to 1977, when he staked out the backyard of a house in Iowa looking for what many consider a legendary, but mythical, creature. Having had a curiosity in Bigfoot since he was a small child, LaBrecque traveled to the suburb of a large city in Iowa (he won't reveal the name of the city) where a sighting had occurred. There, LaBrecque waited for Bigfoot to return. It did return -- almost nightly for two straight months, LaBrecque said. Its attraction was a pile of hickory wood, from which it would eat. This particular Bigfoot occasionally brought friends or family with it. The largest one stood approximately 8 feet tall, while the others were around 4 feet, LaBrecque said. He recalls one of the little creatures swinging on a swing set in the backyard. After two months, in which the Bigfoot "knew we were watching them," LaBrecque said, he decided to make his move.

Thinking nobody would believe his word, LaBrecque set out to prove Bigfoot's existence by attempting to kill it. LaBrecque had tipped off a newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa, of his discovery, he said. But editors questioned his validity. LaBrecque would have taken a picture of Bigfoot himself, he said, but it was too dark in the backyard.

"I can see where people think it's unbelievable," he said. With shotgun in hand, LaBrecque sat in his car ready to approach Bigfoot. The next thing he remembered, though, he was walking away from the house. He said he blacked out and didn't remember being face-to-face with the creature. Fortunately, LaBrecque has a witness to the ordeal, whom he would not name. From what he was told, LaBrecque was grabbed by Bigfoot before he could get a shot off. Bigfoot also broke the windshield of his car.

LaBrecque kept his experience secret for 22 years, before recently telling all on the Internet. Through his Web site,, LaBrecque is selling an audio testimonial of his encounter (which was done through hypnosis), pictures from a late 1950s sighting and a signed poster of Bigfoot (signed by LaBrecque, not Bigfoot). He will soon market a line of hats, as well. LaBrecque, who owns Golf Enterprises, insisted he wasn't out to make a profit. He claims he has put approximately $100,000 into promoting Bigfoot's existence. "I've never made money off of it," he said. "My whole deal is personal interest."

Following his encounter in 1977, LaBrecque continued to research Bigfoot, tracking it through Kansas, Minnesota and Illinois. Though he's never seen one since 1977, LaBrecque has picked up on Bigfoot's patterns and habits, he said. He claims to be an authority on the Midwest Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot is a separate species, he said. They have ape and human features and characteristics, bear-like nails and different colored fur -- rusty brown, black and white. LaBrecque has designed a model that is nearly identical to the creature, he said, which he will exhibit sometime in the near future. He also possesses the biggest footprint cast in North America, he said. The creatures are vegetarian, but occasionally crave meat, possibly from elk or deer. They like to stay around water and railroad tracks. They also dwell in secluded places, LaBrecque said. "Anything that's going to draw attention they're going to stay away from," he said. "They're well schooled and know not to monkey with stuff."

The creatures are prevalent in Central and South America, but roam throughout North America as well, he said. In fact, LaBrecque has received calls from people who have spotted Bigfoot in and around Independence, Missouri where is it called the Missouri Momo. To this day, he still investigates sightings, hoping to learn more and to possibly catch a glimpse of the creature again. "They're right here," he said.

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