1980 -- Jackson, Wyoming - Two men reported seeing a "Big Foot-like creature" on Snow King Mountain near Jackson, Wyo., early Tuesday morning, a spokesman for the Jackson Police Department said.

Robert Goodrich and Glenn Towner, no hometown or ages listed, reported to police that they were chased off Snow King Mountain by a "Big Foot-like creature" that was 12 feet tall with long, with dark hair and arms.

The two men said that they were going to visit a friend who had built a lean-to on the mountain when they encountered the creature, the spokesman said.

The men told police the creature breathed heavily and made a moaning growl-type noise. They described the creature as having a simian-like face as big as a stop sign and that the creature was hunchbacked, the spokesman said.

Goodrich and Towner told police that they ran when they spotted the creature, and that it followed them. The last time they saw the creature, it was standing under a street light near the Ramada Snow King Inn in Jackson, the spokesman said.

The two men said they were going back Tuesday to take pictures of any possible tracks and to see if they could find their friend. The police reported that the two men had not been drinking.

Copyright: Idaho Falls Post-Register; June 18,1980
Credit: John Moore; posted by Ron Schaffner

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