Bigfoot Encounters

Central Cascade Washington State
Bigfoot track imprint in logging camp 1975

Another double-ball shaped footprint photographed among thousands
found around a working mountain logging road in the central Cascade
Range of Washington State where the logging crew had sightings in 1975.
The track imprint, photographed by Peter Byrne, was in deep road dust, the
surface of which had been encrusted by a recent rain. In the heel of the
this track was the imprint of a very small mammal, possibly a skunk. Track
imprint was estimated at 15 ½ inches in length, four toes visible and a day old at the time the photograph was taken. Five toed double-ball track imprints were also observed on Blue Creek Mountain Road in N. California in 1950's and '60's; not seen again since 1967.
From the files of
© Peter Guttilla, 1975.

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