BIGFOOT'S LAIR: Recent Sightings….  

Bigfoot and his monstrous ilk Wasted little time getting their 1992 hide and seek campaign underway, with a number of sightings taking place at various locales as soon as the New Year dawned. On New Year's day, January 1, 1992, a couple on a sledding trip near Sandy, Oregon were driving in their car when they rounded a curve and saw a 7-8 foot tall creature with dark reddish-black hair standing in foot-deep snow near a creek. The creature crossed the road, ran up a bank, and wandered off into the forest.

Three days later, on the afternoon of January 4, 1992, a logger from Olympia, Washington was driving his four-wheel drive vehicle on a slope south of Mount Saint Helens near Ape Cave Road when he came upon a herd of elk, which he decided to follow on foot. Soon after, a foul odor permeated the air and he saw a dark figure move through a clearing four hundred yards away. Simultaneously, something was following him in the woods to his left. He entered a clearing and saw a Bigfoot-type creature 8-91/2 feet tall, covered with dark brown-black hair. The witness described the creature as having breasts, long arms, and a bloated stomach, giving the appearance of being pregnant or in desperate need of a few gallons of Ultra-Slimfast. The witness ran for safety and reported that he saw the same entity some twenty-five minutes later, holding the hand of a smaller creature.

Lumbering across the country, another alleged Bigfoot incident also occurred on January 4, 1992, this time in the unlikely setting of Dayton Township, Michigan. Two anonymous men, ages 60 and 44, were driving down a back country road when two creatures, one 7-8 feet tall and 500-600 pounds and the other 5 feet tall and 300400 pounds stepped into the roadway. The creatures, instead of making a hasty exit, as is the norm in such harrowing adventures, began to approach the vehicle, causing the witnesses to shift into reverse, turn the car and speed off. This incident was covered in the March 24, 1992, edition of the Bay City [Michigan] Times.

January also saw a number of Bigfoot-type reports originate from Hamilton, Texas, were residents claimed to have seen a huge ape-like creature roaming the banks of the Leon River. The anonymous witnesses told their stories to Hamilton Herald-News editor Roger Miller who states, "These are people who believe they have seen something." The action in Hamilton started in January when the newspaper printed a lengthy letter from a man named Daniel Fisher who claimed that he and his family saw a 7- to 8-foot-tall 500-pound hair-covered creature standing on the side of the highway as they returned from Stephenville. Other residents subsequently contacted the paper to tell of their previous experiences with the mysterious creature.

Reports continued from the Southern United States when a series of strange cries and growls, and slaughtered animals were attributed to Bigfoot er the Skunk Ape in Douglas, Henry, and Fayette Counties, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution of February 1, 1992, outlined numerous reports of strange stalking creatures of both the two- and four-legged persuasion, which apparently have invaded the Dog River region.

The Bigfoot world next focused on the popular Blue Mountain region of Washington State where Bigfoot contactee Paul Freeman, a man who keeps seeing the creature and finding its footprints and other soft evidence over and ever and over again, recorded another round in the dance of Bigfoot mania. This time the 48-year old Walla Walla native claims that while driving his truck on a mountain road ten miles above Five Point near the Mill Creek Watershed at 11 A.M. on the morning of April 14, 1992, he spied the creature in the brush below the roadside 30 yards away. Jumping from this truck, Freeman pursued the creature. This time, however, the super-fortunate Bigfoot warrior held a Sony camcorder in tow, and managed to shoot a 15 second sequence of the creature as it crossed a meadow 70 yards away. Freeman describes the thing as standing between 6' 5" and 7 feet tall and weighing between 500 and 700 pounds and being covered with black hair. Freeman also shot footage of the creature's tracks as they trailed off into forest.

According to a report by Dr. Paul Johnson of Pennsylvania, Bigfoot next appeared on May 20, 1992, in Derry, Pennsylvania. A resident at the base of the Chestnut Ridge was at home when his dogs began barking and crying in the night. The resident picked up his gun, stepped outside of his trailer, and allegedly saw the glowing red eyes of a tall, hairy and black creature standing at the edge of the woods. The creature walked off into the night.

As we go to press, the action remains in Pennsylvania. Yet another repeat Bigfoot eyewitness, Sam Sherry of Ligonier, reported his third creature sighting, this one allegedly taking place on June 6, 1992, in the Ruby Street/Screaming Hollow area of the Bigfoot-laden Chestnut Ridge near Derry.

--Mark Opsasnick

© Mark Opsasnick for Strange Magazine, No.#10 Fall-Winter 1992
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