Residents of a Pacific Northwest Indian Reservation
Report a rash of sighting of Bigfoot.



Or maybe it is Big feet, since residents of the Lummi Indian Reservation, seven miles southeast of here have reported sighting three separate Bigfoots since October 2.

"We've had at least 100 reports, easy," said Sergeant Ken Cooper of the Tribal Police, who claims he has spotted two of the huge, hairy, ape-like creatures himself.

No humans have been attacked but cooper said two horses have had their necks ripped open and three dogs were found with their throats missing. The animal owners blame Bigfoot.

For the past 160 years there have been reports of the manlike beast, Bigfoot throughout far northern California and the Pacific Northwest but the Lummi sightings are the first reported this year. Most of the Lummi sightings have been between Smokehouse and Kwina roads about four miles apart, cooper said, and in the vicinity of "old abandoned apple and pear orchards." Maybe he or they, are just hungry," Copper mused. The Indians don't want the police to bother it or them, he said.

"They get mad when they think we are bothering it or hunting it. We're not. When we get called we go out and look. And if it comes into their yards, they yell for us. They're our biggest critics until it happens to them and then it's a different story." Copper's first personal sighting was at 2:20 a.m. October 24th, when someone said Bigfoot was tearing into a home on Scott road owned by Emma Smith 78. She fled in terror.

Cooper said when he arrived about seven people were there and had their car spotlights on Bigfoot, which was about seven and a half feet tall and appeared to be a gorilla.

He leveled his 12-gauge shotgun at it and then thinking it might be someone in a gorilla suit, I yelled, "If there's somebody just fooling around you better knock it off because we have weapons."

"The creature went into a crouch and when I got within 35 feet, it lowered itself until just its head was showing. For 20 minutes I leveled my gun at it."

He didn't shoot, he said because of a Bureau of Indian Affairs official had told him there was a new law that shooting Bigfoot would be manslaughter. Cooper said he still was not determined if that is true. Then there were noises in the heavy brush on his right and left and people said they saw other big foots. "I just left," Cooper said.

At daylight he returned and measured footprints on the frosty ground. They were 18 inches long and 7 inches wide, he said. He next saw the creature four days later about 11 p.m., 70 yards ahead of his patrol car. Cooper raced his car toward it. It ran across a field, bumped into two sleeping horses, spun around and raced into the woods, Cooper said.

One person, Copper said, reported he was driving along a road when Bigfoot appeared, raced alongside the car at 40 miles an hour for about 170 yards and then leaped into bushes. The beast, Cooper said, makes several different noises - - whistles, hollers, screams and a noise like a bird."

Cooper's brother, also a tribal police officer, recorded what he says is a Bigfoot scream., "He was playing it for about 15 men out near the dump when a Bigfoot came running out of the trees, answering the screaming. One of the guys took a shot at it and it ran back into the trees."

© San Francisco Chronicle Wednesday November 12, 1975

Newspaper clipping credit sources: The Library of the Bay Area Group, Warren Thompson, Rene Dahinden and Peter Byrne...

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