Lee County, South Carolina 1988

The following was originally a newspaper article printed in Charlotte, NC on August 9th, 1988.

Bishopville, South Carolina -- (Lee County) Some say it's Bigfoot. Some argue its only a bear. Some say the creature, described as seven feet tall with red eyes, three-fingered hands and known as the lizard man, is simply a hoax.

It all started when 17-year-old Christopher Davis told police he had been attacked by a creature while changing a tire in nearby Scape Ore Swamp about 2 am one morning back in June.

The creature, he said, was over 7 feet tall, was black-green and grabbed the door of his car, running as fast as 35 mph as it did so.

Davis said he swerved along the road before the creature , which had jumped onto his car, was thrown off. "It was strong and it wasn't an animal and it wasn't no man." he said in a statement to Sheriff Liston Truesdale.

Posted to the IVBC by Scott McNabb, 1996
From the IVBC digest files of Bobbie Short

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