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More Marion County, Ocala Florida


Big Foot, the mysterious whatyamacallit seems to be on themove in Marion County and in a southerly direction.

A new report, called to the Star-Banner Friday night at about 9:30 noted he was spotted in an area near Big Scub Campsites and close to a State Forest Ranger station.

The new report, from a Marion County citizen who wishes to remain anonymous, called the creature an ape-like animal weighing about 800 pounds.

"That thing was about eight feet tall," said the repotee " and it seemed to be moving south." According to the report, a hunter fired six shots at the creature but missed all six times. "We are assuming he missed all six shots," said the witness, "because we found no body or any other indication that the creature was hit."

The new report places the creature about three miles from the first reported sighting last week by a Fort McCoy minister, but the latest sighting seems to indicate there may be more than one of the creatures roaming through central Florida.

Source: Credit Ron Schaffner
©Ocala, Florida; Star-Banner; Saturday, November 19, 1977

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