Police Seek Creature in Joplin Mo.

Sunday September 28, 1975 -- JOPLIN, Missouri. (UPI) - Sheriff's deputies and volunteers searched a wooded area near Joplin Friday night for a large, hairy creature with an odor of rotten eggs.

"I'm skeptical, but we'll keep investigating," said sheriff Joe Abramovitz. Steve McFall, 17, reported an ape-like creature loomed in front of the car he was driving Thursday, forcing him into a ditch.

Other residents of the area claim they have seen the "ape," but Abramovitz said his deputies have been unable to find "any physical evidence to support the stories."

McFall described the creature as "about seven feet tall, hairy and walking like a man and with light colored spots on the face and red glowing eyes." He said it had an odor "like rotten eggs."

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Credit Source: Ron Schaffner

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