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Bigfoot to be tracked by state goverment team
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Bernama, Berita Wilayah Regional Newspaper -- 25 January 2006 -- JOHOR BAHARU

-- The state government will set up two expedition teams to track "bigfoot", the hairy creature allegedly seen in the forests of Johor.

Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the teams would be led by experts who would conduct a study on various aspects of the creature as well as to explore the state forest.

He said the expedition to track the creature would be carried out in stages with the cooperation of the Johor National Park Corporation (JNPC).

"One team will explore the forest areas while the other to study the existence of the creature," he told reporters after chairing the weekly state exco meeting at the Sultan Ibrahim building, here Wednesday.

Abdul Ghani said the vast forest area of the state, including the Endau-Rompin National Park and at Kota Tinggi, should be explored to obtain scientific evidence on the existence of the creature.

"We have obtained description of the creature from those who claimed to have seen it ... we hope the expedition will be able to prove its existence," he added.

There have been claims of the creature been seen in the forests of Tanjung Piai, Mersing, Kahang, Endau-Rompin National Park and Kota Tinggi.

Three workers at a fish pond in Kampung Mawai, Kota Tinggi claimed to have seen a "bigfoot" family last November.
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Yesterday's newspaper:


Press Trust of India --The Statesman KUALA LUMPUR, 24 January 2006 — Footprints 50 cm long left by a single, purportedly egregiously heavy, creature have been spotted on a freshly tarred road off jungles near a Malaysian village, fueling speculation about its existence close by.

The New Straits Times reported today--Bio-diversity researcher Vincent Chow, who had yesterday led an investigative team of Bigfoot enthusiasts the place suddenly in the glare of the media’s attention, said: “We traced the footprints up a hill and found more of the same on the muddy floor of the jungle.

Heavy rain, though, had left the outlines of the footprints smudged.”

He was quoted as saying that the creature which had made them must have been four times heavier than an average human.

Mr. Chow spoke of having interviewed a villager who was convinced that some creature had been prowling around the Kampung Lama area in Panti Village.

A 68-year-old lorry driver claimed that he had had a close encounter with a Bigfoot family in the 1990s on the Masai-Kong Kong Road in the area.

Mr. P. Palaniandy, the driver, was reported to have said that the creatures were between five and seven feet in height, heavily built with thick foreheads, bushy, raised chests and eyebrows, large protruding jaws, big hair-covered ears and ample, protruding buttocks.
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