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On the Trail of a Missing Link
Jeremy Holden of Meppershall, UK

"On the trail of a missing link"
Jeremy Holden's labour of love keeps him locked on Sumatra quarry

Hidden deep in the dense jungle of Sumatra is believed to be the missing link in the evolutionary chain – the Orang-pendek, and photographer Jeremy Holden from Meppershall – featured on ITV show Deep Jungle earlier this month when he captured rare footage of a Sumatran tiger in the wild – has been on the trail of this elusive humanoid for more than ten years.

His father Edgar Holden, of High Street, Meppershall, said: "He went out there backpacking but ended up getting a job with Flora and Fauna International.

"He joined up with a woman and a few of the Sumatrans trying to get a photograph of the Orang-pendek."The locals are quite adamant, there's no doubt in their minds it's there."

The creatures are said to walk on two legs, have long arms, display great strength, be about 5ft tall, with brown or black hair, make very little noise and and eat crabs and potatoes.

Jeremy's exploits in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, were featured on the first episode of three part ITV series Deep Jungle, which presented footage of rare natural wonders.

There are estimated to be only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the jungle and Jeremy caught the exceptional footage last year, using a technique called photo-trapping.

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