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By Lynnel Sinclair and Lorne Olsen

December 2005 -- Factoid: The name the Modoc Indians of California call Bigfoot is Matah Kagmi (Circa 1897) Tansi, Boozhoo

This is our first column for The First Perspective Newspaper and we are both really excited about the following stories that we are sharing with you. We started this column in the previous month for the Manitoba provincial Aboriginal newspaper, the Drum.

We want you to know that when you email us we will not use your name, we respect your privacy and we know from first hand experience the difficulties of sharing stories like these. We’ve been researching Sasquatch for years now and we have tons of stories to share with you.

Here are some stories--we hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have compiling them.

This photograph shows a track imprint, which was measured at 19 inches long and 11 inches wide across the toes photographed by Lynnel Sinclair in late spring 2001 near Grand Rapids, Manitoba

Our first story comes from the Lake of the Woods, a provincial park bordering on eastern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Jessica was camping with her two friends. They were the only people at this particular campground that weekend. The girls pitched their tent and enjoyed their evening. They settled down for the evening and went to sleep. Some time during the night something started howling around their campsite. This woke up the two girls but Jessica continued to sleep blissfully unaware of what was going on. The two girls were both frightened because something was outside making all kinds of noise howling, grunting, and circling their tent. Whenever it got close to where they were standing in their tent they would move to the other side. Her two friends, meanwhile, were watching while as Jessica was starting to be pushed by something from outside of the tent. Jessica was still sleeping while this was happening, the amazing thing was whatever it was made her turn over while she was sleeping. Jessica didn’t wake up! The stranger continued to circle their camp and drop--what they discovered to be in the morning--pine cones on top of their tent. Eventually it left and the girls did not sleep for the rest of the night. About four in the morning Jessica woke up. She heard weird howling far off in the woods. The next morning the girls left and were quite shaken by what had transpired.

It was in the late fall just past midnight when our next report happened. The witness was driving on Highway #50 on her way to Sandy Bay, Manitoba. (Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation Reserves in Manitoba.) As she was driving she suddenly spotted something squatting on the side of the road. She swerved to miss it and at the same time turned to see what is was. Her mouth went dry and her heart beat faster as she realized it was a ‘sabe’ (sabeh - sasquatch). It was holding something with both hands and eating it (perhaps roadkill). It seemed to move in slow motion as it lifted its head to look up at her passing by in her vehicle. The witness looked directly into its face, which was covered by dark hair, and its eyes appeared small and beady. Its face reminded her of a gorilla. It was swarmed by what appeared to be a cloud of mosquitoes. It looked hunched back because of the way it was sitting on the road. The sabe appeared to show no fear even though she had almost hit it. As she passed it she swerved into the other lane and when she was about seventy-five feet away from where it was, she slammed on the brakes. She turned back to look at the sabe and that’s when it stood up on two legs, very fluidly and gracefully. She screamed and stepped on the gas pedal fearing it would approach her. She drove like a maniac to her family’s home and told a relative what she had seen, crying while she talked. The relative had difficulty believing the incredible story, as do most people when they are told these stories.

She had a hard time sleeping that night. To this day she doesn’t drive alone at night on this highway and she feels anxious when she drives through the area. The third story comes from an unusual setting—a honeymoon! ‘Mary and Joe’ were on their honeymoon and stopped off the highway in Oregon’s beautiful mountains to take a picture. They got out of the car and Joe climbed up an embankment and posed. Mary snapped his picture and they carried on. After returning home to Winnipeg they started showing their honeymoon pictures to friends. One friend gasped at the picture of Joe standing on the outcrop and asked if they were afraid of what stood behind him. Unbeknownst to them at the time the picture was taken, a dark figure was standing behind him. Though this figure is some distance in the back of Joe it still appears larger then he is. Both Mary and Joe cannot remember any unusual smell or seeing any tracks at that site. It is possible they may have stumbled unto the path of this Bigfoot and caught it off guard and it curiously looked on for the moment the humans there.

A man from Alberta was visiting his relatives in B.C. when he and his cousin went swimming in a remote area lake. His cousin Fred returned to shore ahead of him while he continued swimming for a while. He decided to sneak up on his cousin and swim quietly just below the surface to shore. Partly seeing what he thought was Fred standing on the shore he jumped out of the water to startle him but instantly became startled himself! Before him stood a large hairy man figure between 7 and 8 feet tall. He noticed it was very muscular but thoroughly covered with black hair. He thought it looked eerily similar to a human. His cousin was nowhere in sight. This encounter lasted only a few seconds as he and the creature startled each other and ran in opposite directions. He said he was not happy to have had this rare encounter and will not return to that area.

Whether you believe it is myth, spirit, supernatural, or physical, your responses are welcome here.
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