Bigfoot Encounters

Lancaster, California
Article in the Antelope Valley Ledger Gazette
April 11, 1973

Eastside students hear Bigfoot talk... 

Seventh and eighth graders of the Eastside School in East Lancaster know a little more today about the legendary Bigfoot creature.  

Rich Grumley, president of the California Bigfoot Organization and Floyd and Lonnie Smith, vice president and secretary-treasurer and Mr. Bill Darch, a member presented a lecture on the club's purpose and what has transpired so far as a hunt for the so-called hairy monster is concerned.  

Grumley said that to date, no one has captured a creature any place in the world but added that he hopes to make a grand expedition into the wilds of the United States to bring the creature back on film or in a cage. 

The speakers said that California is the principal area to search for the creature at the present time.  In the past month there have been several sightings in East Lancaster area.   

Grumley said that the creature has been sighted in areas that man has never traveled, such as the abominable snowman  - the Tibetan counterpart of Bigfoot.   

On February 15, 1972, Grumley found and photographed footprints about 90 miles from Lancaster.  He showed plaster casts to the children as well as slides on various data gathered on Bigfoot.  

The footprints were 17-18 inches long, 9 inches wide and sunk to three to four inches with a stride of seven feet, the speakers said, and the children gave out a mysterious cry in response!  

Grumley said he is trying to set up an expedition equipped with substantial firearms and perhaps cross bows so that the creature can be captured alive.  The arrows would use hypodermic shafts to tranquilize the beast.  

The motto of the club is "We do believe -- we search to prove," Grumley explained to the children.  Plans are to buy a four-wheel drive vehicle which will have a cage on it to incarcerate the beast, Grumley said.  

In a 1964 issue of the Desert Magazine, there was an article about an abominable sandman sighted near Borrego Springs, California by a man who was prospecting.  

The prints found of a humanoid were larger than man's and the prospector in the Borrego Badlands said that hunting the creature was not his thing and that he was not interested.  He said he would leave the hunting the creature down to someone else.  

Grumley said that perhaps the creature is more curious than anything -- and possibly not hostile.
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Old article from the extensive files of Peter Guttilla 2010.

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