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Fayette County, Pennsylvania
May 21 1977

Bigfoot in the News Again

Big Foot is back in the news again. Another reported sighting of the half human animal has taken place in the Fayette County area.

A Footedale couple and their three children experienced several frightening moments Sunday night when they confronted the creature along a dark, rural road in German Twp, about 9:30. The family members, who wish to remain anonymous, were returning from the McClelland town area when the incident occurred.

The animal, described by the wife was a large creature with shaggy hair walking upright in a slumped over position. She said it was reddish brown color. “When I first saw it, I thought it might be a deer, but it was no deer!” she said. She added, “Its hair was shaggy, not smooth like a deer and it had to be at least 6 feet tall.”

The husband said the creature was standing upright at the edge of the narrow road with its back to the occupants of the car. “We were rounding a bend in the road when we suddenly saw a large animal like object about 6 feet or so tall, with reddish brown hair,” he said. When the headlights of the car shone over the creature, it quickly dropped from sight over an embankment along the roadway. The husband said it was a drop from 35 to 40 feet and that it led to an open plowed field.

The three children in the car reacted differently to the Big Foot sighting. The mother said the 11 year old daughter threw her ice cream down locked the doors of the car and hit the floor. The youngest child, age 7 just sat there. The 14 year old son returned to the scene of the sighting later that night with his father after remainder of the family was dropped off at home.

The son and father used flashlights to inspect the area. They discovered some broken branches and a fence post was pushed over, but no footprints were discovered. The family returned the next day during the daylight to check the area once again.

The wife said the grass and weeds were pushed down in certain areas. She added, “I could tell something was down there.”

According to Joan Jeffers, co-director to the Pennsylvania Center of UFO Research, this was the first reported Big Foot sighting in Fayette County this year.

Last year, one sighting was reported in Smock. Franklin Twp and another occurred at Republic.

Jeffers reported two sightings took place in McKean County recently and one also at Clearfield County during February. Numerous sightings of Big Foot have taken place since 1967 across the country and in Canada.

The Footedale family has now been added to the list of believers. “Before this happened, I never believed in anything like this,” the wife remarked.

© Brownsville, Pennsylvania Telegraph p 3
Credit Source Chad Armant and Ron Schaffner

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