Bigfoot Encounters

Will Bigfoot step on Northwest loggers?
17 May 2002

the Editorial Board of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Bigfoot - as in Sasquatch - believers are joining forces with environmentalists (or, perhaps, it is the other way around) in an effort to preserve Bigfoot ``habitat'' in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California.

Bigfoot believers who met at a recent convention in a Portland suburb talked of putting the kibosh on logging to protect the big (but hard-to-see) beast.

Hmmm, that seems a bit premature since there is no convincing proof Bigfoot is an endangered species - or, frankly, that it exists or ever existed.

Believers realize the lack of proof is a problem. Convention-goer Terry Reams concedes killing a Bigfoot may be necessary to prove its existence.

Killing isn't necessary. Simply bagging one with a tranquilizer gun would be good enough.

In fact, just about anything beyond plaster footprints and a fuzzy photo would be appreciated before stomping out the livelihoods of thousands of loggers and crippling the Northwest economy.

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