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Roger Patterson's Lie Detector/Polygraph Test

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From: Christopher Murphy
Date: 05/21/04 16:45:38

I see in National Wildlife, October 1970, ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT
by George H Harrison, Managing Editor:

"Before printing the story and photographs, a National Wildlife editor flew
to the West Coast to interview Patterson, who believed so strongly in
Bigfoot and the photographs he had made that he instantly agreed to take a
lie detector test. The results convinced the experienced polygraph operator
that Patterson was not lying."

While lie detector evidence is not worth much, (Greg) Long refers to the fact that Heironimus took such a test (page 209 in "The Making of Bigfoot").

It is a foregone conclusion that I am going to get questioned here, so I do have a direct counter-argument. I don't recall reading anywhere else about Roger Patterson taking such a (polygraph) test - but there it is. The article was among all the John Fuhrman stuff.

Chris Murphy

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