Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot Roaming the Wilds with a Child?

May 19, 2000
-- VANCOUVER, Canada - Excited researchers are combing the wilds of British Columbia in response to recent sightings of Bigfoot accompanied by a blond-haired boy!

More than two-dozen people claim to have seen the human youngster dressed in animal skins and loping along beside the towering man beast. Investigators speculate that the mystery boy may be the missing survivor of a plane crash that occurred in the area 11 years ago, raised from childhood by Bigfoot.

"This is the most tantalizing development in Bigfoot research to take place in decades," said Dr. Rob Worrier, a zoologist involved in the hunt for the elusive forest creature. "It suggests that Bigfoot is not some shambling monster as he is often depicted, but a gentle and intelligent being capable of nurturing behavior and compassion."

Dentist Dr. Arthur Gosten who was camping in the Rockies with his family first spotted the boy, described by eyewitnesses as lean and wiry with long, matted hair, in late March.

The Vancouver man was awakened in the early morning by the frantic cries of his 12 year-old daughter. When he emerged from his tent, he saw her pointing into the woods.

"She said that a 'wild boy' was stealing our food," Dr. Gosten recalls. "I looked where she was pointing and saw this half naked boy slinking off into the trees with an armful of canned goods."

Shouting after the child, Dr. Gosten gave chase and caught up with him at the edge of a clearing.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. The boy was standing next to an enormous, hairy, man like creature at least 8 feet tall," Dr. Gosten said. "The thing took some of the boys load, then they ambled off together into the woods, both of them walking with the same hunched over, ape like stride."

Since that sighting, at least 33 people have reported seeing the wild boy and his hairy companion. Witnesses have included clergymen, forest rangers and even members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In many cases, the mismatched duo has been heard exchanging guttural sounds as if talking.

"This youngster has all the earmarks of a feral child. A child that has had no human contact and has been raised by an animal," said the Seattle based Dr. Worrier. "The fact that his gait is similar to the Bigfoot and that they can communicate is evidence that the creature is his surrogate parent."

Researchers believe that the wild boy Sightings may be connected to the 1989 crash of a private plane carrying a party of French tourists visiting the region. The crash left the pilot and four passengers dead including young mother Madeleine Dusoire.

Madeleine's baby Marcel was missing and the remains of the 1-year-old infant were never found.
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Source: Ken Kristian
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