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Cadiz, Kentucky: Associated Press; Folks in southeast Trigg County at the edge of Lake Barkley are waiting for the next snow to see if, 'ahem' Bigfoot shows up again. Linton residents haven't seen Bigfoot.  At least they aren't saying so if they have.  But they spotted, took pictures and even trailed large human-like tracks made by somebody (or something?) walking barefoot during the recent snow.  Bigfoot has been the source of endless speculation in the community near the Tennessee State line.

One person even went so far as to nail up a placard on a highway sign proclaiming: "Slow Bigfoot Xing."  The sign marks where the tracks crossed Kentucky l64 at Linton.  E.S. Lester, A Linton resident who examined the tracks and took Polaroid snapshots of them, said the tracks exhibited some of the characteristics of a human foot except they are much larger - 18 inches long and up to six inches wide.  "The only thing is, in some places it had a four and a half foot stride!  I tried to do that and it is hard to do.  I don't believe a varmint did it," Lester said.

Lester also said the tracks appeared to come down a hill to the old Ferry Landing, then around the restrooms and a parking lot and other areas near the lake's edge.  The trail went around the edge of the lake for quite a distance, then climbed to and across Kentucky 164.

Trigg County Deputy Sheriff J. R. Smith also took a look.  "I don't know, I'll be honest with you, I did see the tracks and I'd put it that way.  My personal opinion is I think it was a prank," Smith said.  However, Lester and others say the prankster put some time and thought into his endeavor.  First, the tracks appear to be made by someone heavy enough to leave impressions in the snow deeper than those of a normal person.  If a prankster, he also rambled through some briars nearly impossible for an average person to get through.  Smith agreed that whoever made the tracks was a serious prankster, attentive to all the elements involved in pulling off a good hoax.

However, Lester said a close examination of the footprint/s reveals that the shape of the foot where the toes join  - is perfectly straight.  On a human foot, Lester observed that area is rounded.  He said the tracks are not the first discovered at Linton.  Local residents discovered similar tracks about three years ago. in the event of another snow, Lester added, he and the others will be ready to trail the creature.
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Credit Sasquatch cartoonist, Rob Butler, Milwaukie, Oregon
Newspaper Article: Cadiz and Trigg County, Kentucky
THE CADIZ RECORD Thursday, January 15, 1981

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