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China tracks red-haired corn-eating Big Foot
December 6, 1999

BEIJING, Dec 6, 1999 (Reuters) - Standing 2.5 meters (eight feet) tall, with long red hair and a taste for corn on the cob, Big Foot is back and apparently running around a nature reserve in central China, state media said on Monday.

Chinese scientists are on the trail of the legendary ape-like beast after a hunter reported seeing a huge fast-moving creature covered in long, red hair in Hubei province's Shennongjia Nature Reserve two months ago, the China Daily said.

The scientists found 40-cm (16-inch) footprints, brown hair and chewed corncobs at the spot where the hunter said he saw the beast and quickly concluded they were not left by a bear, it said.

Scientists have unearthed hundreds of fossilized teeth of giant apes in the area, and some speculate that Big Foot could be a descendant of such primates, it said.

© Source credit: Gray, Jeffrey
Article logged by Bobbie Short Monday 6 December 1999

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