Bigfoot Encounters

Scientist Planning Northwest "Bigfoot Hunt"

Miami (UPI) -A scientific expedition headed by Robert W. Morgan, a former Federal Aviation Administration employee, leaves Miami Wednesday for the Pacific Northwest in the hope of proving one and for all that America's legendary Abominable Snowman exists.

The new attempt to pho6tohraph or possible capture the Bigfoot of American Indian lore coincided with a report from Nepal of a new sighting of the Asian abominable snowman. British mountain climber Don Williams said he saw a human figure similar to a huge gorilla walking near his camp 13,000 feet high on Mt. Annapurna.

Morgan, who uses the Nepalese word yeti in speaking of the reported man apes said he has tentatively concluded that "these beings are related, so closely they do resemble what is termed homo erectus (a primitive human type)."

He said the March of Civilization apparently had driven the creatures back to rugged terrain in the Himalayas and the wild Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

The explorer, who led an unsuccessful expedition to record an American yeti in 1969 said he will attempt to draw the creature to a site near his camp with several selected lures. If it works, he plans to photograph the elusive creature.

In the second phase, planned for late summer if all goes well, the expedition will attempt to capture a yeti for study under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution.

Morgan said that if his group captures a yeti it will be returned to its habitat and released after scientific studies are concluded.

The expedition includes Laymond M. Hardy, biologist and taxonomist; Robert Carr, archaeologists and journalist; Douglas Jackson and Allen Facemire, photographers and George Harrison, Managing edition of Wildlife Magazine.

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Article courtesy Jerry Riedel, Vancouver, WA. February 2003

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