Bigfoot Encounters

1907 – Bishops Cove, Vancouver Island, BC

Here is another published account of claim digging by Sasquatches in the early days.

A monkey-like wild man who appears on the beach at night, who also howls in an unearthly fashion between intervals of exertion at clam digging, has been the cause of depopulating a local Indian Village, according to officers of the steamer ship Capilano, which reached port last night from the north.

The Capilano on her trip north put into Bishop's Cove where there was at the time, a small Indian Settlement. As soon as the steamer appeared in sight, the inhabitants put off from the shore in canoes and clambered on board the Capilano in a state of complete terror... in terror over what they called a monkey covered with long hair, which stood about five feet high that came out onto the beach at night to dig clams and howl.

The Indians say that they had tried to shoot it but failed, which added to their superstitious fears. The officers of the vessel heard some animals howling along the shore that night but are not prepared to swear that it was the voice of the midnight visitor who so frightened the Indians.

Original story © The Daily Province 1907
Also similarly published by the Bord's in the original Bigfoot Casebook...

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