Unfortunately, you have been a victim of a gross misrepresentation of statements taken totally out of context and misquoted by John Lloyd Scharf. Scharf is a retired prison guard and self-proclaimed expert, who is often shunned by most Bigfoot researchers.

Here is the official position of the Texas Parks and Wildlife as it should have been quoted by Scharf: "- until a verifiable specimen of Sasquatch is found in Texas, our agency has no authority."

Our authority is not limited because of a lapse in Texas Parks and Wildlife Code or other state laws – it is limited because there is no verifiable evidence that such a species is indigenous to Texas.

Our agency only has authority over wildlife that is ‘indigenous to Texas’ (TPWD Code 67.001).

Circumstantial evidence is not sufficient.

If at some time, a new species is identified in Texas by some “by solid or irrefutable evidence,” we do have the authority to act and protect the species as necessary.

Thank you for your letter and your interest in Texas wildlife.

John Herron
Branch Chief, Wildlife Diversity

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