Bigfoot Encounters

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18 Older abridged reports from all over Alaska
A few grizzly accounts of death in this collection from the John Green's BC Archives.

Haines, Alaska 1994

Whipple Creek Alaska New Report February 3, 2002 with photo
Carroll Inlet, Ketchikan
Cold Bay, Belkofski Bay 2001

Cantwell, Denali County Sighting 1986
Eagle River, Anchorage, 1990

Ft. Nelson, Alaskan Hwy 1992
Kiseralik River, above Kwethluk
Lake Iliamna, near King Salmon Alaska
Prince of Wales Island, Rob Alley Field Report
Revilla Island, Ketchikan, 1 March 1998
Whipple Creek, northwest of Ketchikan, December 2000

Whitewater Bay, Juneau, Alaska

Willow, Alaska 2000
Ketchikan, Alaska 1956

*Additional accounts recorded by the IBS
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