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Vintage article, Gallia County, Ohio 1869
"Hairy Man attacks a man..."

The City of Gallipolis is located on the Ohio River in Gallia County. Gallipolis lies 40 miles up river from Huntington, West Virginia, 58 miles northwest of Charleston, West Virginia, 50 miles west of Marietta, 109 miles southeast of Columbus, and 156 miles east of Cincinnati.

Fight with a wild man...

January 26, 1869 -- Gallipolis, Ohio is excited over a wild man who is reported to haunt the woods near that city. He goes naked, is covered with hair. is gigantic in height and "his eyes start from the sockets." He attacked a Carriage containing a man and daughter a few days ago. He is said to have bounded at the father, catching him in a grip like that of a vice and hurling him upon the earth; falling upon him and endeavoring to bite and scratch him like a wild animal.

The struggle was long and fearful, rolling and wallowing in the deep mud, half suffocated, sometime beneath his adversary, whose burning and maniac eyes glared into his own with murderous and savage intensity. Just as he was about to become exhausted from exertions, the daughter, taking courage at the imminent danger of her parent, snatched up a rock and hurling it at the head of her father's would-be-murderer, was fortunate enough to put an end to the struggle by striking him somewhere about the ear. The creature was not stunned, but feeling unequal to further exertions, slowly got up and retired into a neighboring copse that skirted the road.

Published in the Hillsdale Standard, Hillsdale Michigan Tuesday January 26, 1869

Article courtesy Scott McClean

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