Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Investigator's cow hairs identified, not sasquatch

September 11, 2000

Louisiana Bigfoot 'Evidence' Proves Inconclusive

Evidence mounting against Bigfoot in Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Cotton Island, Louisiana -- Newly analyzed evidence in the two-week Bigfoot hunt seems to support law enforcement's opinion that someone's milking the long-legged legend for all it's worth. Herds of people have been combing this heavily wooded area of northeast Rapides Parish since the end of August, when two loggers reported seeing the hairy creature.

Investigators found strands of hair lying on a log near 16 tracks in a dried-out creek bed. But a scientist in Oregon says the hair likely belongs to a cow --not Sasquatch.

State Wildlife and Fisheries agents have said the wholething's a hoax. The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office has even said they plan on investigating the hoax as a crime. The jury of public opinion seems ready to issue a Bigfoot-does-not-exist verdict.

But the cow hairs do not close this case, the scientist said. Dr. W. H. Fahrenbach, with the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center studied the hairs, which were sent to him by
Pineville firefighter Scott Kessler. Kessler is the Louisiana investigator for the Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

In an e-mail to Kessler, Dr. Fahrenbach said the hairs are three to four times thicker than the samples of believed Sasquatch hairs Fahrenbach has seen.The pigment granules in the hair are coarse -- unlike human and Bigfoot hairs, Fahrenbach wrote.

Cow hairs at the scene don't mean Bigfoot wasn't there, Kessler said. "I still believe they saw something that day in the bayou," Kessler said. Kessler also said the bait shop owner, Mary Ward, is not selling T-shirts and tickets to see the Bigfoot tracks, as the Sheriff's Office has reported.

The Sheriff's Office sent away its own samples to be analyzed at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Pat Edwards, a spokeswoman for the school, said scientists studied the hair sample, but couldn't determine anything from the one strand supplied. They sent the strand to Mary Manhein with LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services, Edwards said. The FACES lab was closed Friday.

In Friday's Alexandria Town Talk, Sheriff's Maj. Michael Slocum said his department isn't finished investigating. They want to know what type of cow provided the hair.

Source: Sharon Citti - newspaper source not identified.

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