Murphysboro, Illinois 1973

White Sasquatch

One night toward the end of June, 1973, Randy Creath and Cheryl Ray heard something move in the brush nearby. Cheryl reached for a light switch and Randy got up to look. The news story, originating in Murphysboro, Illinois, continues:

"At that moment it stepped from the bushes. Towering over the wide-eyed teenage couple was a creature resembling a gorilla. It was eight feet tall. It had long shaggy matted hair colored a dirty white. It smelled foul like river slime." After a moment that seemed to drag on endlessly, the creature turned away and lumbered through the brush toward the Big Muddy River.

Even though 17-year-old Randy was the son of a state trooper, his story might not have been believed if he and Cheryl had been the only witnesses. But the creature was seen several times over a period of weeks by a number of other people, including three hard to fool carnival workers, a fascinated four year old and an adulterous couple engaged in their automobile and disinclined to call attention to themselves

Observers, excluding the child, who said he saw "a big ghost," independently of one another, described a creature about eight feet tall and about 400 to 600 pounds in weight, covered with light colored mud-matted hair. The entire fourteen-man Murphysboro police force, guided by a tracking dog and his trainer, pushed though the brush on the track of the unknown monster. They found a rough trail of broken limbs and crushed grass. On the grass were globs of black slime, malodorous by comparison to sewer sludge. The trail led the searchers to an abandoned barn, then vanished completely. Later a screeching diminished into a forlorn wail was heard echoing in the distance. Peculiar footprints played themselves out on the muddy riverbank. Dogs picked up an unfamiliar scent and panicked. Hunters swarmed over the area with rifles and shotguns. But the mysterious creature was never found.

Some investigators believe that a gene deviation in a large ape may be responsible for a family of vertical shaggy, generally bad smelling and elusive creatures that bear a strong, if not brutalized resemblance to man. Could these unclassified hybrids be The North American Sasquatch? Are all these closely described creatures of similar description cousins of the Bigfoot creature characterize in the United States?

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