Chinese Hunt for 'Big Foot' continues . . . .

CHINESE scientists are setting off on a year-long expedition to resolve the mystery surrounding reports of a 'Bigfoot' wandering the wilderness. The 30-member team will set off early next month for the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in central China, where residents have for centuries been reporting sightings of a two-metre creature that is half-man, half ape, Xinhua (the New China News Agency) reported yesterday.

Some of the scientists expect to find a creature belonging to a hither to undiscovered species of ape men, the report said. "The most satisfactory thing would be to get a picture or even a videotape of the creature," said Wang Fangchen, the scientist who will be heading the expedition. Mr Wang said previous reports about the 'Big Foot' yeti, or abominable snowmen were unscientific and irresponsible. The expedition also plans a comprehensive scientific survey of the region's environment, geography and meteorology. Shennongjia Nature Reserve, in the west of central Hubei province, is home to rare species, including the golden monkey.

Copyright 1998 South China Morning Post Thursday APril 27, 1995 
For Bigfoot Encounters courtesy Jin Wang li, Shennongjia

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