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"Sasquatch disbeliever now tracking elusive bigfoot"
...Bob Titmus article
1977 -- Vancouver, BC -- (AP) In 1958 Bob Titmus was a total disbeliever on the subject of the Sasquatch.
No he says he knows for sure there is such a creature and says there is such a creature and says he has spent 19 years tracking and researching the elusive Bigfoot.
"I was getting sick and tired of people coming to me and describing strange tracks and asking if they were Sasquatch tracks," he said.
"I had never seen the tracks, so I couldn't answer, but I certainly didn't believe an animal could make the kind of tracks they were describing."
Titmus, 58, a taxidermist, hunter-guide in California, changed his attitude on the Sasquatch when a friend brought him a paper outline of a track.  His friend made a plaster-of-paris cast the next time he came across one and Titmus was convinced no animal he knew could make a footprint to match it.
Titmus has found many more -- enough to get him hooked.
His search has taken him from north of Fairbanks, Alaska to Mazatlan, Mexico.
He says his collection of original casts is the largest in the world. He admits however that as scientific evidence such casts are useless.
Titmus has collected large quantities of hair and fecal matter he believes have come from Sasquatches, sending it to analysts all over the world. No one has been able to identify the source, he says.
Titmus said scientists generally do not believe the Sasquatch exists. "This is a giant primate, perhaps the first cousin of man and people won't believe in it," he said.
"Some scientist dismiss it out of hand without even looking at the evidence."  He said scientists will believe in Sasquatch only when one is recovered alive or dead. He now is trying to devise a method of catching one.
The first time he saw a Sasquatch he was close enough to "see the wrinkles on its lips, but I flatly refused to believe what I was seeing."
Years later, Titmus said he saw three climbing a sheer granite cliff face. He considers himself a generally skeptical, but on the existence of the Sasquatch, Titmus was unshakeable.
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Source: Daily Breeze, Torrence CA 6-1977
Article courtesy veteran investigator Peter Guttilla, Los Angeles, California

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