Bigfoot Encounters

Leslie Breazeale and Ray Kerr see Big Foot
cross Bluff Creek Road in October 1958

© San Francisco Chronicle
Tuesday, October 16th, 1958

HEADLINE - "We Saw the Thing With 16-Inch Feet"

EUREKA, Oct. 15, 1958 -- (AP)--Two sturdy construction workers insist they have seen "Big Foot", whose 16 inch tracks have been spotted recently in the Northern California woods. "He--or it--bounded across the road in front of our car Saturday evening,” said Ray Kerr, 43. "It ran upright like a man, swinging long, hairy arms."

"It happened so fast, it's really kind of hard to give a really close description. But it was all covered with hair. It had no clothes. It looked 8 to 10 feet tall to me."

His report to column writer Bill Chambers and photographer Neil Hulbert of the Humboldt Standard was confirmed by Leslie Breazale, 35, who was riding with Kerr.

"I saw it as it leaped into the brush," said Breazeale. "I had been dozing as we rode along and woke up when Ray hit the brakes." Kerr and Breazeale said that what they saw crossed the wilderness road about 40 feet in front of the car.

The place is about 45 miles northeast of Eureka and just over the Humboldt-Del Norte County line. The two men were driving 1.5 miles from the Wallace Bros. Construction Company camp near Bluff Creek.

Their description tailed with that reported by Ray Wallace, one of the company owners. Wallace didn't see it but said one of his employees did.

Article Credit: Kyle Mizokami
San Francisco Chronicle 1958 - (9 years before Roger Patterson filmed the creature)

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