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Roger Patterson describes in his newsletter - the incident at
Bluff Creek on October 20, 1967 - "...his horse fell.."

There has been much discussion over the years about whether or not Roger Patterson's horse actually fell when they encountered the female sasquatch, "Patty" on October 20, 1967. Bob Gimlin remembered (during his 1992 interview with John Green) that Patty was not squatting by the creek, but "standing fully upright by the creek when he saw her..." - Gimlin also remembered that Patterson's horse did not fall down that day during the same interview but admits he wasn't looking at Roger's horse, which was directly in front of him at the time of the sighting.... The debate about superflous details continues for what reason, I don't know. Below Patterson writes in his newsletter that his horse "jumped & fell" when they encountered the creature. Here is that out-take FYI for those of you who obsess of this sort of detail...

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