Bigfoot Encounters

Boys playing deep in forest spot Bigfoot, Klamath, California

September 30, 1992

Klamath, California AP WIRE -- Two boys playing deep in a forest spotted a smelly, hairy, manlike beast similar to the legendary Bigfoot, according to the father of one of the youngsters who photographed huge footprints.

The incident occurred September 12 when 8 year old Josh Owen and 12 year old companion saw a "big hairy man" about 100 feet away shaking a tree branch.

"The smell was like rotted chicken, it was awful," Owen told the Triplicate Newspaper in Crescent City.

"He was covered with thick dark brown hair and he was shaking a big branch in his hand. We could see his face real good."

The boys, who live in this coastal mountain community 350 miles north of San Francisco told their father, who then went out and reportedly found and videotaped primate-like footprints that measured 16 inches long by 8 inches wide.

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Picked up by the Union Tribune San Diego, California

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