Lincoln County, Washington



A Spokane real estate man and his client spotted giant tracks near Davenport yesterday. They said the footprints suggest the presence of the legendary "bigfoot" in this area.

Sed Englund, W225 16th, and his companion from Westport, Washington were driving along a Bonneville Power Administration road about eight miles northwest of Davenport when they found the tracks about 15 feet off the side of the road, Englund's son, Eric said today.

The youth said his father judged the tracks to be about 18 inches long and six inches wide. He said the men discounted the idea that they could be bear tracks because there were no claw marks in the distinct prints visible for about 50-100 feet in the snow. Also, the footprints appeared in pairs rather than fours and its doubtful a bear would walk upright for that distance, the younger Englund said. His father, who is part owner of Northwest Timberlands, was out showing property again this morning.

Copyright: Spokane, Washington Daily Chronicle; February 11, 1978
Source Posted to the IVBC 1995 I.V.B.C. rev. 1.93 courtesy Ron Schaffner

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