Tracks Photographed

A Haworth woman and a friend were fishing in late June near Cattle Crossing east of Goodwater when they happened across the tracks pictured above.

The tracks are about 22 inches long.

Holly Schachle said she and a friend were fishing for catfish using "Catfish Charlie" stinkbait about 11:30 pm the last Saturday in June.

They had been shining a flashlight on the ground to watch for snakes.

They walked a short distance to a pickup so it could be backed up nearer the waterback for ready access to tackle.

When they returned, these tracks were in the dirt where they had been before.

Ms. Schachle said the tracks just suddenly stopped.

There were trees nearby, she said, but no further tracks.

She thought they appeared so strange that she returned the following day to photograph them.

"I don't know if they're from a Bigfoot or what," she said, "but they sure are strange."

© McCurtain Sunday Gazette, Isabel, Oklahoma September 24, 1989

Article contributed to this website with grateful appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Gross, Texas 23 February 2001

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