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The hunt is on for Bigfoot in Australia
...they call it "the Yowie"
Photo: BIG HUNT: Rex “Yowie Man” Gilroy holds a cast of his own right foot and that of an opposable big-toed left foot of a “yowie” for physical comparison. Mr Gilroy is planning to conduct a search around Bega for more evidence of the creatures from Australian folklore.

20 Jun, 2012 -- The hunt is on again for the “yowie”, or “hairy man”, this time on the Far South Coast.

This winter, a large-scale search will be made by Rex Gilroy, who began research into yowies back in 1957.

Since then, the 68-year-old cryptozoologist claims to have amassed several thousand accounts of male and female hairy primitives – claims of sightings from 1790 to the present.

“Pioneer period reports of these hominids give the yowie mystery some credibility,” Mr Gilroy said.

“I have also gathered over 200 plaster casts of footprints.

“Today there is enough evidence to show that two distinct races of yowie are involved in the mystery and that they are present-day surviving forms of ancestors who entered Australia from Asia when a land shelf joined Australia to mainland Asia.”

Mr Gilroy and his wife Heather are gathering sighting reports and any other evidence of yowies throughout the Bega and surrounding districts. They operate the not-for-profit Aust-ralian Yowie Research Centre in Katoomba.

“The yowie or ‘hairy man’ – the women were hairy too – are an ancient Australia-wide Aboriginal tradition,” Mr Gilroy said.

“We have old pioneer period accounts of Australopithecine-like apish male and female beings seen around the Bega area.

“Back in the mid-19th century the beings were called ‘the Black Monster of Bega’ due to their longish dark hair and forward-projecting apish faces.

“In 1915 outside Bega township a young man was milking a cow on the edge of scrub, when he discovered he was being watched from bushes by a dark-haired, ape-like female creature about five-foot tall (1.5m).

“When she realised she had been spotted she ran off into scrub.”

The Gilroys will search the Bega district with a number of assistant field investigators and are confident of turning up more evidence of the “hairy people of Bega”.

They would welcome any information from readers about yowie sightings. Contact them at PO Box 202, Katoomba, NSW 2780, call 4782 3441 or email

Bateman's Bay Dailhy Post, Australia
Article Mike Dardanos

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